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Dirty Dozen Tax Scams: 2020 Edition

The "Dirty Dozen" is a list of common tax scams that target taxpayers. Compiled and issued annually every year by the IRS, this year it includes many aggressive and evolving schemes related to coronavirus tax relief, including Economic Impact Payments. The criminals behind these bogus schemes view everyone as potentially easy prey and everyone should be on guard, especially vulnerable populations such as the elderly.
While tax-related scams usually increase at tax time, this year, scam artists are using pandemic to try stealing money and information from honest taxpayers. As such, taxpayers should refrain from engaging potential scammers online or on the phone.
Here are this year's "Dirty Dozen" tax scams:
1. Phishing
Taxpayers should be alert to potential fake emails or websites looking to steal personal information. IRS Criminal Investigation has seen a tremendous increase in phishing schemes utilizing emails, letters, texts, and links. These phishing schemes are using keywords such as "coronavirus," "COVID-19" and "Stimulus" in various ways.
These schemes are blasted to large numbers of people to get personal identifying information or financial account information, including account numbers and passwords. Most of these new schemes are actively playing on the fear and unknown of the virus and the stimulus payments.
Don't click on links claiming to be from the IRS and be very wary of emails and websites as they may be nothing more than scams to steal personal information. As a reminder, the IRS will never initiate contact with taxpayers via email about a tax bill, refund or Economic Impact Payments.
2. Fake Charities
Criminals frequently exploit natural disasters and other situations such as the current COVID-19 pandemic by setting up fake charities to steal from well-intentioned people trying to help in times of need. Fake charity scams generally rise during disaster times like these.
Fraudulent schemes normally start with unsolicited contact by telephone, text, social media, e-mail, or in-person using a variety of tactics. Bogus websites use names similar to legitimate charities to trick people to send money or provide personal financial information. They may even claim to be working for or on behalf of the IRS to help victims file casualty loss claims and get tax refunds.
Taxpayers should be particularly wary of charities with names like nationally known organizations. Legitimate charities will provide their Employer Identification Number (EIN) if requested, which can be used to verify their legitimacy. Taxpayers can find legitimate and qualified charities using the search tool on
3. Threatening Impersonator Phone Calls
IRS impersonation scams come in many forms such as receiving threatening phone calls from a criminal claiming to be with the IRS where the scammer attempts to instill fear and urgency in the potential victim. These types of phone scams or "vishing" (voice phishing) pose a major threat. Scam phone calls, including those threatening arrest, deportation or license revocation if the victim doesn't pay a bogus tax bill, are reported to the IRS year-round and are very common. These calls often take the form of a "robocall" (a text-to-speech recorded message with instructions for returning the call).
The fact is, the IRS will never threaten a taxpayer or surprise him or her with a demand for immediate payment. Nor will it threaten, ask for financial information over the phone, or call about an unexpected refund or Economic Impact Payment. Taxpayers should contact the real IRS or consult a tax and accounting professional if they are worried there is a tax problem.
4. Social Media Scams
Social media enables anyone to share information with anyone else on the Internet. Scammers use that information as ammunition for a wide variety of scams. As such, taxpayers need to protect themselves against social media scams, which frequently use events like COVID-19 to try tricking people. These methods of trickery include emails where scammers impersonate someone's family, friends or co-workers.
Social media scams have also led to tax-related identity theft. The basic element of social media scams is convincing a potential victim that he or she is dealing with a person close to them that they trust via email, text or social media messaging.
Using personal information, a scammer may email a potential victim and include a link to something of interest to the recipient which contains malware intended to commit more crimes. Scammers also infiltrate their victim's emails and cell phones to go after their friends and family with fake emails that appear to be real and text messages soliciting, for example, small donations to fake charities that are appealing to the victims.
5. Economic Impact Payment or Refund Theft
Great strides have been made against refund fraud and theft in recent years, but they remain an ongoing threat. Due to the corona virus pandemic, this year, criminals turned their attention to stealing Economic Impact Payments as provided by the Corona virus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Much of this stems from identity theft whereby criminals file false tax returns or supply other bogus information to the IRS to divert refunds to wrong addresses or bank accounts.
Recent victims of this type of scam include residents of nursing homes and other care facilities when concerns were raised that people and businesses may be taking advantage of vulnerable populations who received the payments. Economic Impact Payments generally belong to the recipients, not the organizations providing the care.
As a reminder, economic impact payments do not count as a resource for determining eligibility for Medicaid and other federal programs they also do not count as income in determining eligibility for these programs.
6. Senior Citizen Fraud
Seniors are more likely to be targeted and victimized by scammers than other segments of society and fraud targeting older Americans is pervasive. Financial abuse of seniors is a problem among personal and professional relationships but seems to be less of a problem when the service provider knows that a trusted friend or family member is keeping an eye out and taking an interest in the senior's affairs.
Also, as older Americans become more comfortable with evolving technologies, such as social media, scammers have moved in to take advantage. Phishing scams linked to Covid-19, for example, have been a major threat this filing season. Seniors need to be alert for a continuing surge of fake emails, text messages, websites, and social media attempts to steal personal information.
7. Scams Targeting Non-English Speakers
IRS impersonators and other scammers also target groups with limited English proficiency. These scams target those potentially receiving an Economic Impact Payment and request personal or financial information from the taxpayer.
Phone scams are often threatening in nature and pose a major threat to people with limited access to information, including individuals not entirely comfortable with the English language. These calls frequently take the form of a "robocall" (a text-to-speech recorded message with instructions for returning the call), but in some cases may be made by a real person. These con artists may have some of the taxpayer's information, including their address, the last four digits of their Social Security number or other personal details, which make the phone calls, seem more legitimate.
One of the most common scams is the IRS impersonation scam where a taxpayer receives a telephone call threatening jail time, deportation or revocation of a driver's license from someone claiming to be with the IRS. Taxpayers who are recent immigrants often are the most vulnerable and should ignore these threats and not engage the scammers.
8. "Ghost" Tax Return Preparers
Selecting the right return preparer is important because they are entrusted with a taxpayer's sensitive personal data. Most tax professionals provide honest, high-quality service, but dishonest preparers pop up every filing season committing fraud, harming innocent taxpayers or talking taxpayers into doing illegal things they regret later.
Taxpayers should always avoid so-called "ghost" preparers who expose their clients to potentially serious filing mistakes as well as possible tax fraud and risk of losing their refunds. With many tax professionals impacted by COVID-19 and their offices potentially closed, taxpayers should take particular care in selecting a credible tax preparer.
Ghost preparers don't sign the tax returns they prepare. They may print the tax return and tell the taxpayer to sign and mail it to the IRS. For e-filed returns, the ghost preparer will prepare but not digitally sign as the paid preparer. By law, anyone who is paid to prepare or assists in preparing federal tax returns must have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). Paid preparers must sign and include their PTIN on returns.
Unscrupulous preparers may also target those without a filing requirement and may or may not be due to a refund. They promise inflated refunds by claiming fake tax credits, including education credits, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and others. Taxpayers should avoid preparers who ask them to sign a blank return, promise a big refund before looking at the taxpayer's records or charge fees based on a percentage of the refund.
Taxpayers are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of their tax return, regardless of who prepares it.
9. Offer in Compromise (OIC) Mills
Taxpayers need to be wary of misleading tax debt resolution companies that can exaggerate chances to settle tax debts for "pennies on the dollar" through an Offer in Compromise (OIC). These offers are available for taxpayers who meet very specific criteria under the law to qualify for reducing their tax bill. But unscrupulous companies oversell the program to unqualified candidates so they can collect a hefty fee from taxpayers already struggling with debt.
These scams are commonly called OIC "mills," which cast a wide net for taxpayers, charge them pricey fees and churn out applications for a program they're unlikely to qualify for. Although the OIC program helps thousands of taxpayers each year reduce their tax debt, not everyone qualifies for an OIC. In Fiscal Year 2019, there were 54,000 OICs submitted to the IRS. The agency accepted 18,000 of them.
10. Fake Payments with Repayment Demands
Criminals are always finding new ways to trick taxpayers into believing their scam including putting a bogus refund into the taxpayer's actual bank account. Here's how the scam works:
A con artist steals or obtains a taxpayer's data including Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and bank account information. The scammer files a bogus tax return and has the refund deposited into the taxpayer's checking or savings account. Once the direct deposit hits the taxpayer's bank account, the fraudster places a call to them, posing as an IRS employee. The taxpayer is told that there's been an error and that the IRS needs the money returned immediately or penalties and interest will result. The taxpayer is told to buy specific gift cards for the amount of the refund.
The IRS will never demand payment by a specific method. There are many payment options available to taxpayers and there's also a process through which taxpayers have the right to question the amount of tax we say they owe. Anytime a taxpayer receives an unexpected refund and a call from us out of the blue demanding a refund repayment, they should reach out to their banking institution and the IRS.
11. Payroll and HR Scams
Tax professionals, employers, and taxpayers need to be on guard against phishing designed to steal Form W-2s and other tax information. These are Business Email Compromise (BEC) or Business Email Spoofing (BES). This is particularly true with many businesses closed and their employees working from home due to COVID-19. Currently, two of the most common types of these scams are the gift card scam and the direct deposit scam.
Gift card scam. In the gift card scam, a compromised email account is often used to send a request to purchase gift cards in various denominations.
Direct deposit scam. In the direct deposit scheme, the fraudster may have access to the victim's email account (also known as an email account compromise or "EAC"). They may also impersonate the potential victim to have the organization change the employee's direct deposit information to reroute their deposit to an account the fraudster controls.
BEC/BES scams have used a variety of ploys to include requests for wire transfers, payment of fake invoices as well as others. In recent years, the IRS has observed variations of these scams where fake IRS documents are used to lend legitimacy to the bogus request. For example, a fraudster may attempt a fake invoice scheme and use what appears to be a legitimate IRS document to help convince the victim.
The Direct Deposit and other BEC/BES variations should be forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) where a complaint can be filed. The IRS requests that Form W-2 scams be reported to [email protected] (Subject: W-2 Scam).
12. Ransomware
Ransomware is malware targeting human and technical weaknesses to infect a potential victim's computer, network, or server and is a rapidly growing cybercrime. It doesn't just affect individuals either. Recently, Garmin Ltd., a GPS, and fitness-tracker company was the victim of a ransomware attack and asked to pay $10 million in "ransom" to restore its systems.
Malware is a form of invasive software that is often frequently inadvertently downloaded by the user. Once downloaded, it tracks keystrokes and other computer activity. Once infected, ransomware looks for and locks critical or sensitive data with its encryption. In some cases, entire computer networks can be adversely impacted.
Victims generally aren't aware of the attack until they try to access their data, or they receive a ransom request in the form of a pop-up window. These criminals don't want to be traced so they frequently use anonymous messaging platforms and demand payment in virtual currency such as Bitcoin.
Cybercriminals might use a phishing email to trick a potential victim into opening a link or attachment containing the ransomware. These may include email solicitations to support a fake COVID-19 charity. Cybercriminals also look for system vulnerabilities where human error is not needed to deliver their malware.
If you think you've been a victim of a tax scam, please contact the office immediately.
For More Information Visit:
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My Very Provisional List of COVID Anomalies, Red/ False Flags and Clear Indications of Scumbaggery. LIHOP, MIHOP Or HOAX/SCAM? Def Not As Described. Need Your Help To Source References and Links For Existing Categories And Add New Ones. This is WOEFULLY INCOMPLETE. I Know I've Missed Tonnes...Ideas?

My Very Provisional List of COVID Anomalies, Red/ False Flags and Clear Indications of Scumbaggery. LIHOP, MIHOP Or HOAX/SCAM? Def Not As Described. Need Your Help To Source References and Links For Existing Categories And Add New Ones. This is WOEFULLY INCOMPLETE. I Know I've Missed Tonnes...Ideas?
Here’s my Top 22 list of suspicious shenanigans and red flags surrounding the COVID narrative:

  1. The Imperial College Death data - Neil Ferguson and Gates-funded Imperial College, London Model that ‘persuaded’ Johnson and Trump to lockdown. 500K deaths in UK and 2.2m deaths projected in US, EVEN WITH LOCKDOWN. Less than 10% accuracy but 110% alarmist, and evidence that the coding was deliberately flawed and designed to inflate numbers. Gates funding everyone involved in the staged 'debacle'.
Ferguson, with a terrifyingly consistent track record for hyping minor viruses that fail to transpire into pandemics (Swine Flu, Bird Flu, BSE etc), failing upwards as a ‘safe pair of hands‘.
EDIT: I‘ve reposted, but thought I’d put back the 95% that disappeared some minutes ago....
2) Ferguson’s blasé attitude to his affair during lockdown - clearly not too worried for his lovers’ family, if he genuinely believed COVID was a threat. No "error of judgement", just a man who knew there was nothing to fear.
3) Hospitals cleared of patients in readiness for a pandemic that never came. Desperate for cash, doctors and nurses were financially incentivised to put down patients dying with/ of COVID on death certificates to gain payments. In US $13,000 per patient, and $39,000 per patient on ventilator etc.
Footage of empty hospitals worldwide:
Nurses furloughed, sent home for suspected virus without testing. Nurses - with nothing better to do - on TikTok etc:
Nurses slammed for filming TikTok showing them carrying coronavirus 'body-bag': etc
4) Games played with age and numbers, proof that only the elderly and very sick elderly were dying, but less of pneumonia and flu than in previous years. Median age of 79 in US and 82 in UK. Meanwhile whole country on lockdown.
"The median age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years (e.g. 86 years in Sweden) and only about 4% of the deceased had no serious preconditions. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality."
(table from 2/7 down the page...)
5) When this became apparent, initial scare stories in press about children dying of virus, later proven to have no merit, just to ensure the hysteria was generalised. Meanwhile, probability of a child dying from the 'virus' is 35m to 1.
"The second row shows that 2 deaths have been recorded among over 7 million school children aged between 5 and 14 (around 1 in 3.5 million), an extremely low risk — although additional deaths may be reported following coroners’ investigations. Over the last five years, there has been an average of 94 deaths registered over this 9-week period for those aged 5–14, and so the 2 Covid deaths represents only 2% of the normal risk faced by this group. That is, whatever average risk they would have faced in these 9 weeks if Covid had never existed — a risk which was extraordinarily low — was increased by Covid by only 2%."
6) The ludicrous claim that they had never considered economic and psychological DEATH toll of lockdown.
There was a press conference in June on BBC, where they said "saving lives" from the virus was considered more important. Hard to believe, but I can't find the footage yet...
"One of the most consistent themes that emerges from the minutes of SAGE meetings is how the Government repeatedly expected its scientists to account for the economic impact of lockdown restrictions – even though SAGE was not doing any economic modelling."
7) Doctors globally openly being told they can save paperwork and earn money by basing cause of death on ASSUMPTION of COVID, based on the vaguest of pretexts and symptoms.
Also, from the UK...Health Secretary Matt Hancock calls for urgent review into coronavirus death data in England.
It follows confirmation from Public Health England that reported deaths may have included people who tested positive months before they died.
8) The propaganda campaign against any form of alternative to vaccine (Vitamin C and D, African cures, HCQ etc)
“The Government’s leading body for Covid19 drug trials – led by the controversial character Professor Peter Horby – Oxford’s Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health and heading the vaccine programme - stands accused of grossly misleading negative trial results for the coronavirus management drug Hydroxychloroqhine. (Conflict of interest, surely?)
The lead story in today’s France Soir – a long-respected and unaligned French daily – presents compelling evidence to suggest that the Whitehall/Cabinet Covid19 “advice” team cannot be trusted….and raises yet more doubts about BBC complicity in a false Coronavirus narrative.”
http://www.francesoir.fsociete-sante/remdesivir-une-molecule-dinteret-therapeutique-tres-discutable-sur-le-covid-19-partie ( in French)
The [Lancet’s] claim that hydroxychloroquine increases the risk of death in Covid-19 patients has been used by rivals as a stick to beat the US President, who has himself been taking the drug and hailed it a 'game-changer' in the war on coronavirus**.**
Mounting doubts over the study's reliability culminated yesterday when the authors retracted their study from the Lancet medical journal, whose editorial standards have also been thrown into question.
“The Deputy Chief Investigator of the Recovery Trial, Prof. Martin Landray, gave an interview to France-Soir. What he revealed was quite remarkable.
Firstly, the mortality rate of the hydroxychloroquine patients was a staggering 25.7%.
The recommended hydroxychloroquine dose for an adult in the UK is no more than 200 — 400 mg per day. In France, 1800 mg per day is considered to be lethal poisoning.”
9) The saturation of Gates into the narrative at every level. His hallowed and unquestioned presence in media as expert, the only Moses who can lead us out of this wilderness with his magic potions, release us from our prisons with his benevolence. His financial connections through BMGF to NIH, CDC, WHO, BBC, Guardian, CNN etc and of course every pharmaceutical company in existence....
Amazing Polly (pretty much every video this year):
BBC compromised:

“Transforming lives through media”? Gates and the CIA? Can we give up the pretence that neutral Auntie speaks for - or represents - us and our best interests?
Charities and foundations - without transparency, oversight and apparently universally trusted. Call your genocidal plans ‘charity’ and not only will you look like a philanthrApist, but people will even donate to their own demise.
EDIT: For further information, I just found this webpage:
UK Guardian compromised:
Hear the Guardian is regrettably letting 180 staff go this week. Hopefully BMGF can find them suitable homes...
From the article:
“This story came from a Guardian sub-section called ‘Global Development‘.
But then I came across this 2010 Guardian story about how the Guardian has started up this new ‘Global Development’ site in partnership with… the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
So much information on Gates...almost “paralysed” with possibilities. Ideas?
10) Recent US and UK stories where people clearly dying of other things - cancer, suicide, motorcycle accidents etc are ascribed to COVID. Officially, George Floyd’s death should have been ascribed to COVID, since I believe he tested positive during autopsy. Might have led to a very different world...
HighImpactFix video about case number “massage” and motorcycle anomalies:
11) Recent US and UK stories of the deceitful practices by which:
i) the case numbers are conflated with all death numbers on certain days
ii) Dying "of" vs "with" COVID
iii) anyone who dies after testing positive is a COVID death
iv) cases being reported and subliminally conflated with deaths by the media, when death numbers fell too low to keep the public sufficiently terrified to accept coming measures
v) case numbers merely made up or inflated by a factor of ten, in Florida’s case last week.
Too many to include all here, but the recent Florida 'mistake' is here:
If this is a genuine event, what possible reason would there be to commit fraud in so many ways to keep it looking genuine, besides the need to control demolish the world economy and vaccine-shill?
12) Event 201. Drill gone live. Nuff said.
Amazing Polly:
13) The fact that there have been no surprises at all since the crisis began. Every next step had been telegraphed in the media well in advance. Everything began with the notion that a vaccine would be the only solution and the narrative has remained remarkably consistent to Event201.
14) Even with all of these statistical somersaults, the death numbers this year are not far from what they’ve been in previous years. Pneumonia and flu deaths are suspiciously down.

2020 - 6509 flu deaths in five months (Feb-June)
2020 - 6509 flu deaths in five months (Feb-June)
Compared with:

2019- Flu killed 34,157 - more than twice amount for a similar period of five months this year.
2019 Flu killed 34,157 - more than twice amount for a similar period of five months this year.
15) That in the space of four months, they have managed to capitalise on this crisis and remove so many rights from us permanently. An opportunity for which they’ve been waiting for years, COVID sped up the process and kept us otherwise preoccupied.
Here is my list of achieved or achievable hidden agenda:
In no particular order:
  1. Controlled demolition of the stock market/ global economy. Global reset etc
  2. Transhumanist/ AI rollout (post-human, Gates patents for human batteries linked with cryptocurrency (60606).
  3. Vaccine adulation and promotion (Gates etc promising vaccine = release from captivity - pharmaceutical companies in league with WHO to drum up mandatory sales)
  4. Expediting the climate change agenda, conflating it with the virus as a call for world government and global sustainability.
  5. Plus RFID/ ID2020 tracking through vaccines (mark of the beast, without which no transaction/ employment will be possible)
  6. Demonisation and eradication of cash (total financial dominion)
  7. Mass unemployment and Universal Credit system linked to Social Credit.
  8. Bank (and corporate) bailouts – this time round it looks legitimate and necessary, no public outcry.
  9. Using and conditioning us to the concept of quarantining as a future method of control should there be any hint of unrest.
  10. Cultification of the NHS to the point of a unifying religion (clapping and donations and lionisation of medical staff during what must be the quietest time in their history)
  11. Legitimation of multiculturalism and immigration (race-baiting through NHS and volunteers, #youclapforusnow
  12. A shot in the arm for the MSM and government as a whole: no longer irrelevant and dying, people watching 24-7 since pandemic. Taking attention away from alternative media.
  13. Privatisation of NHS/ public services – corporations will step in to ‘save’ us (public gratitude replacing scepticism)
  14. Makes government look noble and heroic (wartime/ WW2 mentality fostered)
  15. COVID19 as cover story for 5G radiation/ environmental pollution/ vaccine damage etc
  16. Mass Surveillance – using 5G ‘for our safety’ to track and trace
  17. Opportunity to pass draconian laws against human rights (assembly, sectioning, travel, speech)
  18. Social alienation/ conformity as preference/ patriotic duty
  19. Prevention of assembly in order to protest draconian laws
  20. Depopulation in stages (elderly first, then with vaccines and suicides/ bankruptcy etc due to system collapse)
  21. Censorship of social media and social discourse in general
  22. Installation of 5G during lockdown to avoid scrutiny
  23. Effecting the transition of the workplace, shopping district and school to the home, ending community and all nourishing human interactions.
  24. The ‘new normal’ - social revolution and culture creation through social distancing/ queuing for shops/reinvention of the word essential/ mask wearing etc
  25. Destruction of small and medium sized businesses and the high street in general
  26. Fauci’s early dismissive comments about virus, herd immunity and futility of masks, before the script was revised.
”You don’t need a mask.”:
To the NEJM, he described COVID in March as a flu, with similar numbers predicted to suffer.
“WOW! Dr. Fauci in New England Journal of Medicine Concedes the Coronavirus Mortality Rate May Be Much Closer to a Very Bad Flu”
Why the u-turn? Surely we define our experts by their consistency.
F William Engdahl article:
Christine Grady (Fauci’s wife):
17) Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and Nadine Dorries - The statistical chances (14%) of three members of the UK Cabinet (made up of 22 people), including the prime minister, actually catching it and one almost dying apparently, right before reversing his decision to let it pass.
A very intentionally dramatic start to our lockdown, announced by Johnson from his "death-bed", ensuring all were in the appropriate state of panic:
"Boris Johnson: Hospital doctors were ready to announce my death"
18) Meanwhile, racism knocks the virus off the front pages and our minds for a few weeks, but we’re meant to go right back to taking it seriously when requested.
19) The many proven fake media stories...of long lines for testing and hospital footage from NY, mannequins in beds etc
20) International care home scandals - Deliberately mandating coronavirus carriers into crowded care homes to bump up death toll and concomitant hysteria, kill off elderly...murder?
"It is remarkable how many deaths during this pandemic have occurred in care homes. According to the Office for National Statistics, nearly 50,000 care home deaths were registered in the 11 weeks up to 22 May in England and Wales — 25,000 more than you would expect at this time of the year. Two out of five care homes in England have had a coronavirus outbreak; in the north-east, it’s half.
Not all these deaths, however, have been attributed to Covid-19. Even when death certificates do mention it, it is not always clear that it is the disease that was the ultimate cause of death..."
"The daughter of a 91-year-old gran who died of Covid-19 she contracted in a care home is demanding to know why her mum was “sacrificed” by ministers.
Retired teacher Anne Duncan died in Edinburgh’s Western General Hospitaltwo days after her family managed to force a move out of the care home in the city where they feared she would die alone.
Her daughter Linda hit out at what she called a “scandalous” policy to release coronavirus patients into care homes and called for her mum’s death to be investigated as part of a wider review."
Also, more than 40% of US ‘virus‘ deaths occur in nursing homes:
21) (thanks to law of confusion!) Ventilators - All of the sudden, a clamour for them generated panic demand and buying. Cuomo desperate, while he sat in front of a warehouse wall full of them. Hegelian dialectics at play. Trump apparently withholding, Trump giving them out like Oprah, then the evidence that they were killing most people on them.
“A giant study that examined outcomes for more than 2,600 patients found an extraordinarily high 88% death rate among Covid-19 patients in the New York City area who had to be placed on mechanical devices to help them breathe.”
22) Testing inconsistencies:
Half of CDC Coronavirus Test Kits Are Inaccurate, Study Finds.
”The study's lead author, Sin Hang Lee, MD, director of Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, found that the testing kits gave a 30 percent false-positive rate and a 20 percent false-negative rate.”
“According to the creator of the PCR test, Kary Mullis himself, it cannot be totally and should never be used as a tool in “the diagnosis of infectious diseases.”
Also, this about CT testing irregularities:
Funny how all the “mistakes” err on the side of positive...
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I've reached the extent that I think I can tell this story. This is my experience with the cult

I am hesitant to begin writing about these memories, and for two reasons. The first is out of fear - fear of retaliation. You see, I was taken advantage of by a cult that I escaped a few years ago in the summer of 2018. I wasn’t involved for long - ten months - but that wasn’t the end of the cult’s influence on me, as they cleverly had a previously unaffiliated visitor contact me and try to bring me back during the period afterwards. I believe they are still keeping tabs on be covertly, but this may just be my paranoid nature.
For nearly the entire first year afterwards, I was always looking over my shoulder to see if I was being followed. They definitely have an interest in roping me back into the fold, as you will see how sociopathic these people are. I’m still traumatized, and although I have healed a great deal from these trials, there is still lingering conditioning that causes me panic attacks and anxiety, which exemplifies my schizoaffective disorder. I attribute much of the reason I’m houseless now to the combination of my mental health and trauma caused by this group.
The second reason I am hesitant to begin writing is also out of fear, but this is instead a fear of not being able to deliver on my promise to expose this cult. I know I have the ability to write about my account, but will it be good enough? Will I be throwing these words into the electronic ocean like so many others with little effect on the world? I feel that no matter how hard I try, I will be unable to capture the cult’s devious acts in such a way to convey what it was like for me, a vulnerable individual, to be slowly turned into an obedient slave.
Inadequacy. This is an important piece of my psychology. After watching my mother decay and die for the first nine years of my life, followed by being raised by an abusive, narcissistic father, I have a profound feeling of inadequacy ruling me. I never feel like I am good enough; that I have to self-sacrifice - to the point where I believed I had to be as good as Jesus Christ - in order to achieve a passable level of human adequacy. The cult took advantage of these feelings in spades and left me a shell of who I was previously.
Fortunately, the period of houselessness that has extended the last year or so of my life has been a radically transformative period where I feel able to step out from barriers that previously trapped me. I feel freer than I ever have been, and to be honest, I owe a lot to the cult for pushing me to my breaking point and learning where my boundaries are. In fact, I don’t believe I could have stepped away from the denial of having a feminine side if it weren’t for the ridiculousness of how far I was pushed.
Now, I stand strong, ready to accomplish this mission life has presented me. It is my basic civic duty to tell my story and warn the public about this group and others who prey on vulnerable individuals in an unstable socioeconomic period. They deliberately attract people who are vulnerable for personal or financial reasons. For instance, there was a flat-earther from Belgium who was here illegally that got roped into our group by being attracted to the messages of sovereignty and their abundance of kooky new age beliefs. They even tried to get me to recruit more members using the same strategies they hooked me with - which is standard cult behavior.
This leads right into how I got involved with the cult in the first place. Part of it is my fault, as I was young and naive. I still am, but now I have the wisdom to not throw myself out there for any group to start manipulating. There are many people who can be drawn into their preying behavior, and it is important that I elaborate on how easy it is to get duped, so others don’t follow in my footsteps.
As you will see, the group was bizarre in many ways. I want to start off by saying that I did not join an organization of pee-drinkers who practiced blood-magick on the side of Main Street. Instead, I started working for a nonprofit that promised to change the world, and appeared to have the ability to do that. The weirdness grew exponentially over time, gradually as they conditioned us to accept their way of life.
On my own end, I wanted to join an intentional community; one where everyone involved works towards a singular end as one unit. I longed for the camaraderie and an alternate way of life. I wanted something different than what - as the cult called the common culture - “The Matrix,” or “Babylon” offered. There are such communities, but because of devious groups like this, everyone needs to be cautious when attempting to find them. I still seek to find or create an alternative lifestyle for myself where I can live amongst my brothers and sisters away from the mass-produced consumer culture of the world.
It’s been a hell of a journey, but I am happy where I am now. If anything, the group taught me that self-love is our first love; if the gardener does not take care of themselves, then who takes care of the garden? With my efforts to find such a community as I wanted, it was inevitable that some group would have sunk their teeth into me. I am grateful that I was able to recognize the far-flung insanity that I was trapped in and escape. Now I just need to focus on recovering and helping others who may be searching for the same things I am.
Chapter 1
It all started early in 2017. I was working on reverse networking, like trying to place a letter on someone’s shoes to let them know I exist. I was hoping to find a project I could use my skills as a writer and juggler by broadcasting who I was on our small online community, The Shrug Life Syndicate, on Reddit. I was so desperate to find such a community that fit my ideals and goals that I didn’t even conceive that someone could be watching in order to learn about me.
They first posted a link to their site on our community’s board, when they were still going by the Awakening Sovereignty Collective. To best understand how I perceived them initially, you have to understand that I was lost in what we at the Shrug Life Syndicate call the synchronicity slip stream. An aspect of my schizoaffective disorder, I often get lost in various series of synchronicities that form a coherent narrative that compels me to behave differently than I otherwise would. It is an amazing feature of my mental health for creativity and finding alternative solutions to problems, but it can be debilitating when trying to fit in to the normal world. When the ASC posted, I believed applying on their website was the obvious thing I should do in order to accomplish my cosmic mission.
Well, nothing happened at first, and I forgot about them until several months later until I received an email stating I was hired. This came after a series of strange tasks from anonymous accounts that seemed to be tests to see if I was as capable of a writer as I portrayed myself as being. I remember one test was to see if I could write a sales pitch for “Unicorn Poop,” an edible snack with a humorous twist. I don’t have any proof that these two events are connected, but it definitely tripped my radar as odd that they happened one after another, and nothing ever came from the sales tasks.
Having passed their tests, I began working with them online. It was a slow process, as there wasn’t a lot of work right out the gate, but there was a lot to learn. Their websites were many in number and often confusing. I had difficulty navigating them and almost quit trying within days of getting started. I remember crumbling back into my addictive nature one night as the wailing cries of depression came roaring back with my initial perceived failure.
If I were not partially psychotic, believing the universe was guiding me to the salvation I sought, then that would have been the end of it. Many other people seemed to have given up while I was still new to working for them. If I were to guess, I would say that this was deliberate on their part in order to weed out only people like me, who were in some way desperate to be a part of the group. With only a small number of desperate people finding their way into the clutches of these people, it must be easier to control them as well.
The ASC promised a new way of life for anyone seeking it. They claimed to be a planetary alliance that was helping ecovillages, nonprofits, conscious businesses, and individual change agents. They were working on a cryptocurrency and software suite that would help communities better serve the world. This was at the peak of the bitcoin bubble, where many people unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies were trying to get in on the hype. They touted a number of figures and claims which ultimately turned out to be false or otherwise misrepresentative of the truth, but in the moment I believed everything they were shoveling.
It was easy for them to sell the idea and project as they were all natural sales personalities. I attended a lot of meetings, particularly with the writer’s team, and started to get to know the people behind the project. In the moment, they appeared to be down-to-Earth and relatable, but highly conscious individuals who really cared about the world and were motivated to do the work necessary to make the changes needed for the planet. In hindsight, they really only cared about money, and were playing a part to catch people like me.
The leader was named Dakota, if that was his real name (I believe most of the main group had adopted a second name to hide who they really were). He was a young man claiming to have graduated high school at ten, and he founded a company known as STADA which was facilitating much if not all of the software needs of the ASC. He was brilliant, but I believe most of his brilliance was self-generated through his ability to sell himself as more than he really was. He always acted like a millionaire who was going to change the world, which made it easy for him to sell the project to people like me.
The co-leader was named Lila. She was a cheerful person who always had something positive to add to the conversation. While working with her, I found this to be a powerful part of her personality. It was hard to say no to her, as she had a motherly vibe and she strategically would ask you to do things that left you feeling compelled to help her, for the good of the project. She first won me over by claiming to run a retreat center for circus skills. I only heard of this in the beginning of my journey with the group, so I believe it may have been a bogus means to shift my opinion of them.
The leader of the writer’s team was named Teahna, who was beautiful and knew how to use her womanly charm to influence others. She seemed to be new to the project as well, having recently written her first book, and my time working with her online seemed to be a learning experience for both of us. I believe this was also planned, so that I would have some support learning what I was supposed to be doing on the various websites that seemed to pile up more and more as time went on.
The work was easy at first. There were no assignments or anything like that. It was all pile work - as in, just grab a shovel and get paid for what you move. As a writer, I naturally gravitated to the writers team’s tasks, but I also helped with the education team and the core tasks of the group. Mostly I wrote articles and website content for them, but I also wrote fake twitter bios, social media posts, and began working on their constitution/manifesto before arriving at their headquarters.
I was making good money, both in real dollars and their own cryptocurrency, Equality Keys. They claimed we could trade their currency for real money at any time, which turned out to be a lie. They often only let us exchange it at certain times at a reduced value. But, I was naive enough to believe that the numbers on my screen were real and meant I was doing good. It wasn’t long before I earned upwards of thousands of dollars worth of their currency, which was promised to rise in value as the project continued to grow and evolve.
After a few weeks working with them, they began toying with a name change to Earth Nation. I believe this is a key part of their method of staying under the radar. By changing names and projects frequently, they never gather enough clout to be exposed as the charlatans that they are. They would later create a new project known as Earth Cycle, and there was a tentacle organization we got hooked into after our stay with the main group called Lovecycle. In regards to the latter, I will never forget the name Lovecycle, as that is when the bulk of bizarre and traumatic events occured.
This is around the same time that my girlfriend at the time began helping out as well. We worked together as a writer and artist combo, and they were initially excited to have another person joining to help. There was some friction though, such as bluntly being told they had no need for an artist at this time after they welcomed her onboard, and there were moments where it seemed like they did not want her to be a part of the project. As they turned her and I against each other much later in our odyssey with them, I think this must have been deliberate to sow the seeds of conflict between us. Again, this is classic cult behavior. I regret bringing her into the whole thing, as she is no doubt as traumatized as I am.
What really allowed me to lose myself in the hope of the project was the possibility to do exactly as I dreamed: travel with a caravan, juggle at festivals, help sell whatever my girlfriend and others made, and write gonzo journalism about what Earth Nation was doing. One of the main draws of the group was that they advertised in the meetings about how they had a proposal system, where anyone could come with their plan and it could be voted on to be given resources. They were interested in my idea (how much of that was just gaslighting me to believe I’ve found the perfect gig, I don’t know), and wanted me to do some journalism about my experiences moving to their headquarters just outside Eugene, Oregon - on the other side of the country.
My girlfriend and I were ecstatic at the idea of starting a new life on the west coast. It was the dream we both shared, to abandon the broken world we knew and join something better. We began preparing for the move, sold all of our stuff, and eventually took off from the airport with only three bags to our name. It was a leap of faith, and we were never happier to embrace our dreams and begin to live a much more interesting life.
Chapter 2
We left on October 25th, about a couple months after I first began working for the ASC. It was an amazing trip that we thought would represent our rebirth. I remember arriving at the airport feeling as though I was leaving a part of my past behind. I felt a wave of solemn emptiness and fear over this, but I have since learned such feelings are common with change of this magnitude. Mostly, I felt joy that a new chapter of my life was unfolding before my eyes.
It was a time where it seemed like we had infinite potential right at our fingertips. Who knew what would actually go down over the coming months? We were grateful for the opportunity and happy about the change. My girlfriend even changed her name to Awen to start over fresh as a new person. I still stuck with my birth name, Gregory, but eventually I would start going by the name Rory after having been pressured to by the group.
I remember looking out the window while Awen took pictures of everything we flew over. It was a trip in itself to see the world from such an angle. I was amazed at the number of wind farms in the middle of the country. Likewise, the closer we got to our destination, the more mountainous the ground beneath us became. The change in scenery would pale in comparison with the change in the culture of the west coast - one of the main reasons I now consider Portland my new home.
Landing in Eugene’s airport, we were regaled with Ducks memorabilia. This was a pleasant surprise, as I had forgotten that this was where an old hero from my track days, Steve Prefontaine, used to run. This made me feel hopeful while waiting for Teahna and Prism, the leader of the educational team. I remember pacing the entrance hall of the airport with a giddy smile stretching from ear to ear. This was it, I told myself: I had finally found my new home.
After a long day of airline travel, we were eventually picked up in Prism’s van. We were met with hugs and smiles, which rejuvenated us after the natural stress of the trip. We chatted the entire way back to Triangle Lake, where their headquarters supposedly was. Both Awen and I were antsy while being shaken back and forth while sitting on Prism’s bed for the duration of the drive. I distinctly remember the beautiful colors of the autumn trees as we drove past. This last little bit of our trip took roughly forty-five minutes, but it felt like we were pulling up to the headquarters in an instant.
I caught a glimpse of a sign as we pulled into the long driveway: Circle of Children. This would be where we stayed for the first two months. The area was gorgeous. Giant trees covered in green moss extended as far as the eye could see. With the abundance of fern-life, it reminded me of a Jurassic paradise. Out the cracked window of the van, I could hear tree frogs chirping in harmony. It was certainly something out of another world compared to the east coast.
We stopped in front of the main office - the only building with wifi. If I were to graph the amount of access to the internet we had across the ten months we were involved, it would have a steady, negative slope. Of course, while being conditioned by the group, it was barely noticed, as we grew less dependent on the internet as time went on. We were never barred from the outside world - in fact we interacted with it regularly - but the idea of leaving was made so impossibly far outside the bounds of possible choices through a long series of scripted events.
Which is why the entire beginning of our stay at the Triangle Lake Convention Center seemed like something out of a fantasy paradise. Everything, from the overarching narrative we were fed, to the day-to-day interactions, was designed to win us over, gaslight us, and manipulate us emotionally by using our traumas against us. In the aftermath of the whole escapade, I learned that this is the type of manipulation that cults use to prevent members from seeing reason while keeping them docile, obedient work horses for the greater project, whatever it may be.
It is clear to me now that Earth Nation and all tentacle organizations are a purely criminal enterprise - a money-making machine for those at the top of the hierarchical pyramid. Even though we were supposedly a DAO - a decentralized autonomous organization - there were clearly people who were centralized leaders profiting from everything the group did.
And everybody played their roles well upon our arrival. We were greeted with another barrage of hugs as we got out of the van. Everybody was excited to finally meet us in person, as were we to meet them. We chatted with Dakota and Lila for some time outside of the office. They were the exact same as their online personas. In the moment, this gave us a sense that these people were genuine, but in hindsight it serves as a reminder that anyone can create a convincing character and play them whenever they want - even if they choose to never take their deceptive masks off.
We were then shown where we would be staying. Up the hill and to the left we drove until we were in front of Carmen Hall. It was a quaint dorm-style lodging with a large common area and a small kitchenette. Many nights were spent in the common room with the others who were staying in the building. Because we were a couple, we were given the largest room with its own bathroom.
That’s another thing that changed in a downward slope: our living quarters. Over the course of the ten months we were with them, we were downgraded from having our own space, to sharing space, to living in a tent. And again, because of the conditioning, we were fine with the change.
Sometime during the early evening, we went back down to the dining hall and kitchen which was across the way from the main office. Here, we met a variety of characters, including Tuva, a humble appearing guy with a large social network he brought with him to the project, and Daniella, who would turn out to be mommy dearest as she was the sole woman controlling us for the majority of our adventure on the west coast. A Brazillian native, she was as good of a manipulator as she was a cook, and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal on our first night in Oregon.
Before the night was up, we went behind the kitchen to smoke with a man named Grizzly; a wild looking man who mostly kept quiet but had a mouth to use if he needed it. It was the first time we smoked in Oregon and it felt liberating to finally be in a legal state. But, as freeing and fun as being able to smoke whenever we wanted, I believe the abundance of weed we were constantly fed was a means to keep us docile. Daniella always made sure we had some weed, and would frequently smoke with us. I feel I would have been able to say something as things changed if I were not dependent on the constant stream of marijuana.
Afterwards, we went back to Carmen Hall with a couple of members who also stayed there, and Daniella performed a pendulum reading for me and my girlfriend. Holding a crystal on a chain, she “read” the direction it spun as she brought it up in alignment with our chakras. She was spot on and I wanted to say that she had excellent observation skills, but I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to offend anyone’s beliefs, especially my girlfriend who considered herself a mystic and bought into the act.
That night we cuddled in our room, smiling as wide as our mouths could. We had done it - we successfully started our new lives and were going to be a part of something we still had yet to fully comprehend. Everything was new and exciting, and while we were overjoyed, we were glad we had each other because things were still scary. If only we had known then how scary things would become.
Chapter 3
The next morning, we showered, dressed, and went down to the kitchen. There was a slight fog in the air, and we saw a family of deer in a clearing off the road. We would see this family of deer several times during out stay at Triangle Lake, which greatly enthused my girlfriend. She said they were a symbol of wisdom, and must be a good sign as we continued to be indoctrinated by the new age beliefs of the group.
We were early, as our daily meetings were at ten and that is when most people started to show up at the office. But Grizzly was there, as he stayed at the nurses station that sat next to the main office. He offered us some dabs, which just further enforced our belief that this was a great group to be a part of. He also offered me a metal six-shooter pipe, which proved to be the main piece I would smoke out of for the entirety of our adventure.
Breakfast consisted of whatever we could scrounge up. There was a huge walk-in freezer in the kitchen that hosted tons of food when we first got there. There were also a wide selection of dry foods such as figs and nuts. That whole selection would dwindle over time, as the group got everything as donations, usually by soliciting the local food pantries and the Eugene mission and much was close to their expiration dates. It was common to open the freezer and find something moldy.
This was the first time I really interacted with Doran. Doran looked a lot like me - complete with similar beard and glasses - but had shorter, curlier, and darker hair. It was joked that “I was another you.” He appeared to be a really kind-hearted person, and we frequently went to him with problems. This is likely planned as well, to have someone to vent the frustrations we were experiencing as the project transitioned to something different than what we signed up for. I opened up to him before I did with other members, even asking for relationship advice as they tried turning Awen and I against each other between, and received what I now consider a long-standing act of being a good ear with standard advice from the group. Still, he was funny and I enjoyed making strange mixtures of food with him.
As it neared ten, we shuffled to the office to have our meeting. The office had two rooms, and we were all huddled in a circle in one of them. This was nice during the coming months as it was also the only room with the heater. These meetings proved to be a main means to program us, as there were many exchanges that could have only been scripted. We would often talk about one thing, but there would be a subtopic that was teased that would change the meaning of the whole meeting in the context that I heard it. Often there would be some crosstalk in the kitchen beforehand, or something during the day that warped my understanding of what was said
We were required to work thirty hours a week in order to receive our basic income of two hundred dollars a month, as per our agreements before moving to the headquarters. However, it wasn’t long before they duped us by saying the basic income would be used to cover our time staying at Triangle Lake. We weren’t able to fight it, because our tongues were tied by the desire to fit in and be accepted by the group. The ways that they changed things were gradual and deliberate, so that you would never really feel like you were getting taken advantage of. It was just a change, which was alright, because there was a world to save and we were the group who was going to get it done.
That was one of the major ways they were able to get away with a lot of the back-pedaling of agreements - they would always have new, unexpected surprises waiting for us. It was gradual, but they introduced several new elements of communal living that required us to sacrifice more of our money and autonomy. They did this by having so-and-so nonchalantly bringing up these concerns in the meetings, then downplaying the resulting effects as something that should be expected, then agreeing with Dakota or Lila.
Keeping track of my hours was a joke. For everything I did, I was told I should have taken less time in order to do. The criticism I received came tongue-in-cheek and constructive at first, but steadily devolved into a series of harsh critiques that would leave me distraught and unable to think clearly. I was still unmedicated back then, and my emotional state was as turbulent as a hurricane. They did similar things to my girlfriend, as Lila took her under her wing, treating her as her child in order to take advantage of her own trauma she had with her mother.
If there was one thing these people really excelled at it is control. They figured us out quickly and efficiently and then used our traumas against us. Our second night there consisted of an informal group of the residents who stayed at Carmen Hall staring into each other’s eyes and then saying out loud what we felt at that moment. I remember staring at Daniella, who was a silhouette with the lamp directly behind her, and asking for healing. Something about the way she stared at me seemed to provoke a sense of trust and I felt that she would be able to help with a lot of the problems.
That’s one way they won over us and got us to do whatever they wanted. They are experts at gaining people’s trust and then they take advantage of that fact. Through these scripted and planned events they were able to warp our realities to the point where we were already robotic slaves right off the bat. We certainly were eager to earn their approval and work our way to a position where we were seen as valuable members of the project.
One of these planned events was Kukui’s birthday, which was just a few days after we got there. Kukui was a groundskeeper who had previously lived in Hawaii and was joked as being a ginger Jesus. He was an incredible person who really cared about the Earth. I have no idea if he was part of the manipulation or if he was there on similar beliefs that this was a group doing immense good in the world.
Early on during the night’s preparation, Dakota and Lila walked up to us and asked if we wanted to go out to eat with them. This struck us as odd that they would abandon Kukui on his birthday, but we didn’t see it as too weird at the time. We struck up a conversation, where it was revealed that Dakota had two EBT cards from different states.
One big hook they sunk into us was the idea that it was us versus the government. They managed to convince us that the institutions of the world were parasitic - which they usually are - but did it in such a way that made us feel like we were in a spiritual war against the bad boogie men of the world. And they managed this by gradually exposing us to more and more deliberate acts of defiance, in order to manifest our own sovereignty against the parasitic government.
It’s what led to us accepting some of their more diabolic schemes. For instance, there was talk about building a village in Ava, Missouri, moving all their people in, and then taking over the mayorship. They chose Missouri for this plan due to the different building codes of the state. In the moment, this seemed like a brilliant plan for expanding the influence of Earth Nation, but in hindsight appears to be a dystopian means to increase their power and continue taking advantage of people.
These were little seeds they planted that made us more comfortable with doing certain things that we otherwise wouldn’t. Awen was particularly uncomfortable with many of the things we did, but eventually they did get her to help out with their schemes. By keeping us under fear and gradually conditioning us, they were able to make us obedient as we were always looking out for our immediate survival.
Fear. That is an emotion I am now excessively familiar with as a result of this cult. While I have battled paranoia all my life, they took those primal emotions and twisted them to the point that I had no idea which way was up. Each day gradually became a battle while being on high alert, as I constantly scrambled to overcome whatever artificial set-backs were planted in my way and keep up with the workload that was presented to me.
My first exposure to this form of emotional manipulation came during Halloween. The night began jovially as Doran wore a plastic bag as a costume and invented a new dance that we all participated in. Daniella was preparing a large meal in the kitchen while we helped and played in rhythm to one another. The dinner we shared was only part of the night’s events that would change my life completely.
After dinner, Awen and I went back to our room and talked about what we wanted to do that night. The rest of the group was still down at the dining hall and preparing for a fun night of festivities. Awen was not opposed to me going, but she was and still is a pagan and wanted to celebrate her ancestors as per the tradition of Samhain. I debated spending the night with her, but the opportunity to spend time with these new people in our life made me curious as to what they would be doing. I will also admit that I was much more controlled by my addictive nature and was excited to drink with them.
So down I went. As I entered the dining hall, I saw that they were drinking tequila and generally having a great time. Naturally, I joined in and took a shot. Jovial times were had, and some time later I was offered another shot, but I did not see them pour this one. This turned out to be a crucial mistake on my part as I would find out that there was something else, something with psychedelic qualities, in the drink. It was not LSD, as I am familiar with the effects of that drug, so I am at a loss for what it could have been.
As the night went on I began to feel funny. It wasn’t until we were in a smoke circle that I began to notice something was wrong. I had trouble forming words and when Grizzly asked me a question all I could muster was a “hi!” This tripped me up and I went inside to go sit down.
This is where my memory starts to get fuzzy. I was mostly left alone as I sat cross-legged on a mat on the floor, but eventually there were three other people sitting around me, with a bottle placed in the center of us. I remember Prism and Josh, a carpenter who was doing some work on the buildings at Triangle Lake, were two of the people surrounding me, but I don’t remember any of the conversation they were having. I just remember getting really spooked at that time and tried to leave.
I don’t know how long it took me to get back to Awen, but I do remember the headlights of a vehicle coming down the hill as I was going up. It was late by the time I made it back in into Carmen Hall, which suggests that I have no memory of what happened after the apparent spin-the-bottle episode. My memory starts to get better as I remember lying there with Awen trying to articulate what was going on, but my words just spiraled into incomprehensible nonsense. She was worried for me, just as I was worried for myself.
The next morning continued on as if nothing ever happened, but I was emotionally jostled for the next few days. Nothing was ever said about what happened the night before, and a part of me was terrified that something happened Because my mother had AIDS, and that is a terror I still battle to this day, I obsessed over the idea that Prism, who was HIV positive, may have done something with me. I’ve since been tested and everything’s fine, but for a while I was terrified that I was raped.
Was that a rational or irrational fear? I’ll never know. What I do know is that they took advantage of my perturbed state by subtly twisting the knife in the following days with their synchronous set-ups, making me feel guilty that I did not choose to spend time with Awen that night, and thus making me work harder than ever before.
Chapter 4 in comments
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Humanitarian Stellar / XLM Adoption in Cúcuta, Colombia

Humanitarian Stellar / XLM Adoption in Cúcuta, Colombia

Humanitarian Crypto Adoption in Cúcuta, Colombia

Business plan schedule for 2020

  • General description and background……………………………………………….... 2
  1. Description
  2. General overview
    1. Declaration of goals
    2. General overview
    3. Key objectives
    4. Regional analysis
    5. Key Partners
  • Description of the project………………………………………………………………. 5
  1. The Scope & demarcation of the project
  • Market adoption strategy
  1. Deliverables: Crypto Education Hub
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  1. Programming: Events
  • Budget
  1. Conditions
  2. Payment/Delivery Dates
  • Additional Notes………………………………………………………………………… 9
    • Pain points of the client
    • Operations
      • Tools
      • Future Services

1. General Description and Background

- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -
Description: Cripto Conserje will drive adoption of crypto payments for merchants in LATAM through POS hardware, training and customer support. The goal of Cripto Conserje and its strategic partners is to help Cúcuta, Colombia become the first city in the world to reach 50% crypto adoption, meaning that 50% or more of the local merchants have a crypto-enabled POS (point of sale) system and in doing so developing a framework for cryptocurrency merchant adoption entering different cities in LATAM.
- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -
Goal Statement: Our goal is to empower local economic actors such as merchants and individuals by providing financial tools that increase liquidity and facilitate means of exchange. We do this through the use of digital assets and grass-roots educational training. In addition to providing direct humanitarian relief to refugees throughout Latin America, our aim is to encourage adoption and to stimulate economic activity.
In order for crypto-adoption to take place, local merchants must be trained and encouraged to accept crypto as a form of payment. This requires a multi-faceted approach.
Table 1: General description
  • Educational material
  • Training videos
  • Training programs
  • Help desk
  • In store / Location marketing
Build a customer base
  • POS system for merchants
  • Wallets
  • Hot and cold storage devices
Build Infrastructure
Business and financial services
  • Strategy consulting
  • Fiat exchanges
Build economy
  • Toshl (accounting)
  • Cointigo
  • Exchanges / ATMs
Build value

Key Objectives

1. Short term milestones

  • Launch Crypto Education Hub in Cúcuta. In partnership with South American Initiative, Cripto Conserje has acquired land to build a community center near Cúcuta.
  • Complete Merchant Adoption pilot program, targeting 100 participating merchants.
  • Improve Testing environment and questionnaires with enhanced features such as automatic reward system based on user experience and knowledge base acquired
  • Offer financial access via SMS by 3rd party service provider (see Key Partners for more details)
  • Create educational material; training videos and in-site programs / fast-tracks
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Live support and online helpdesk for crypto asset management.
  • Repeat model with merchants outside of Cúcuta.

2. Long term milestones

  • Achieve +50% crypto adoption in a major city in Latin America
  • Provide support and aid to economically distressed populations living in Cúcuta, Colombia, especially Venezuelan refugees
  • Prove cryptocurrencies are a workable form of digital cash
  • Establish a successful and safe business operation that is can be easily replicated

Future services include:

  • Help Desk for clients and merchants (regarding issues with wallets, exchanges, etc…)
  • Consulting and continued education (such as crypto asset management courses, walking the client through things like staking, masternodes, and automated trading such as index strategies, lending, etc.)
  • Fiat Exchanges as a service at POS
Regional Overview:
Colombia is among the countries in Latin America with the highest trading volumes of Bitcoin (digital asset). Despite this high volume of trading, few businesses in the region accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. There are several explanations for this which include but are not limited to:
  • Lack of Trusted service providers
  • Limited Knowledge Base and “Know-How”
  • Ambiguous legal framework
The Venezuelan diaspora in Cúcuta presents a unique opportunity for these types of projects. Typical crypto asset volatility pales in comparison to the high currency inflation of the Bolivar. A decentralized system, that functions trust-free, is perfect for a displaced population that has limited access to financial services such as banking, savings, and credit. Our main objective is to align the right economic incentives to encourage self-governing communities and autonomous projects, as well as the right educational material and leadership to gain the interest of regional communities.
Cripto Conserje strives to bring financial freedom to Latin America, a region comprised of more than 20 countries with a population of 650 Million people. The regional GDP represents over $10T, however 45% of the population is unbanked. There is a strong need for digital assets adoption in Latin America, particularly among Venezuelans who are suffering under one of the most dramatic economic crises in recent history.
Our initial scope is a three-tier program to increase adoption in Cúcuta.
  1. Online Testing Environment: We will deploy an online test environment to measure the effectiveness of educational training and workshops. After participants and merchants receive technical training, they will take a simple questionnaire to measure the knowledge base and demonstrate a basic understanding of the technology. Once the questionnaire is completed, a paper wallet will be generated and automatically funded with cryptocurrency.
  2. Merchant Onboarding: We will onboard 100 local merchants to begin accepting digital assets as payments using on-site training and digital assets capable point of sales equipment.
  3. End-user Adoption: After merchants are onboarded, we will work with them and local community organizers to distribute 300.000 paper wallets to people living in Cúcuta. Individuals can use these paper wallets at participating merchants for food and other basic goods.
KEY PARTNERS Cripto Conserje has key partners working on the initial Alpha Project. Their support is critical to launching a three-pronged approach to increase crypto adoption in Cúcuta. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.
is a group of engineers who provide a service where you can Send & Receive Crypto Currencies Over SMS, No Smartphone or internet needed!, Accept cryptocurrencies in your business, make crypto payments without Internet or become a crypto/local currency exchange in your area in seconds. Much of the construction of Cripto Conserje is thanks to them. Welcome to “layer0”
is the second largest (Red Cross is first) NGO in Venezuela to supply orphanages, hospitals, and desperate families with food, medicine, and shelter. SAI began operating in Venezuela providing humanitarian aid to hospitalized patients, orphaned children, the homeless, elderly who have been abandoned and forgotten in nursing homes and families who do not have shelter or food to eat. It has the only medical program offering help to the epileptic children of Venezuela.
is a budgeting app that is accessible both via a web-based app and on virtually any mobile device. Toshl’s goal is to make money fun, so they’ve set up a friendly user interface to help you evaluate past spending habits, get a snapshot of your current finances, build realistic budgets for the future, and even remind you when bills are due. They will be donating their PRO subscription to all of our clients a $20 per year subscription. Giving our vendors the ability to link unlimited accounts and create unlimited budgets, they’ll also be able to upload pictures of receipts.

2. Project Description:

Project demarcation: Cripto Conserje has been in operation since April of 2018. We have conducted eight successful training workshops with merchants, paper wallets and different point of sales. We are one of the few projects tackling this problem with local team leads on the ground. We are currently at the second tier of our project.
Digital assets can provide economic stability throughout Latin America, particularly in places such as Venezuela where communities are suffering from severe shortages of food and medicine. Our vision is to achieve 50% crypto adoption in major cities like Bogota, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires.
We report the results of our events and also record videos of the event in progress before the data are in, so that we can be accountable for the results. We also run smaller, non-experimental tests to learn more about what works best and how different types of recipients spend funds they receive. This was how we began our project with 2 paper wallets and an informal merchant.
Defining the scope of the current project:

Market adoption strategy

We want to establish security and sustainability for this cryptocurrency project. In order for a cryptocurrency to be used as a daily use currency, there must be a reliable ecosystem to support both supply and demand.
  • Determine market share adoption process
  • Identify need for crypto POS systems among local merchants
    • Food
    • Medicine
    • Houses and renting
  • Critical adoption locations
    • Market
    • Pharmacies
    • Landlords
We plan to establish Decentralized Finance or “DeFi” accounts and other forms of passive income like hosting MasterNodes as a method of cash flow generation and volatility mitigation for the client (merchants). This will help grow the network and users of cryptocurrency in Colombia and eventually throughout Latin America.
Crypto Education Hub: a Partnership with South American Initiative & Cripto Censerje Institute
SAI & Cripto Conserje are building a facility in Colombia to educate and train Venezuelan refugees crossing the border.
Education is critical so that refugees can learn skills, gain employment and integrate into the local economy. .
Total facility size will be between 2,500 sq. ft. to 3,500 sq. ft. This facility will allocate 50% of the space for Cripto Conserje that will allow for Cryptocurrency education and additional vocational training to help Latin Americans achieve their goals of independent living in Colombia.
6-months to 1-year for construction depending construction permits, resource allocation, and site selection.
  1. This timeline does not begin until land is purchased.
  2. Land purchase time is approximately 1-4 months. [IN PROCESS]
  3. Permits 1-3 months for government approval. [IN PROCESS]
  4. Blueprint design and resource allocation [COMPLETE]
  5. SAI will provide staffing for its portion to operate facility
Estimated Education Hub Budget
* Materials for interior customization and furniture will be additional costs and depend on Cripto Conserje design and specification. SAI will provide ‘ready-to-use’ office space. Cripto Conserje will furnish remaining spaces for training and local offices.
Training Workshops Budget: The next phase of this project already underway will cost $15,000 USD. These funds will cover developer costs, hardware, shipping, and merchant training sessions.
Table 2: Budget for the Requirements
Set funding budget and scope to with a tentative timeline prior to start. We also require that funds be exchanged into local currency, our merchants can not live off crypto yet. All media published regarding this event shall have a review process where both parties clear regarding the messaging and delicate nature of human suffering in the crisis.

3. Additional Notes

Customer Pain Points:
Crypto Concierge focuses on helping local merchants set up and manage a crypto-payment solution. Below the three-pronged approach herein has been tabularized and will be used to address the customers key pain points.
Operations: Market/ merchant adoption is our primary objective. Establishing security and sustainability for a crypto project means getting off the exchanges. The evolution from being a “trader coin” or store of value to being a daily use currency means building belief at the intersection of supply and demand. We are proposing a project that empowers local merchants to use crypto. These services include:
  • Personalized/custom SMS POS, Toshl, (see Key Partners for more details)
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Educational Material: in the form of training videos and in-person programs
  • Advertising and Marketing
    • Merchant Maps, filter by type (storage facilities, drug stores, markets, etc…)
    • Commercialization: in Store/ Location marketing of crypto POS (use of QR stickers in retail)
  • Live support and online helpdesk for crypto asset management.

Future services include:

  • Help Desk for clients and merchants (regarding issues with wallets, exchanges, etc…)
  • Consulting and continued education (such as crypto asset management courses, walking the client through things like staking, masternodes, and automated trading such as index strategies, lending, etc.)
  • Fiat Exchanges as a service at POS

4. Conclusion & Desired Outcomes

Crypto Conserje’s project is aligned with the mission of the broader crypto-community: contributing to humanity through innovation. Our partners will gain brand awareness and user adoption in the emerging crypto-market of LATAM. Ultimately, Crypto Conserje hopes this project will alleviate the humanitarian and economic crisis faced by the people of Cúcuta by giving them an alternative payment system. Finally, we hope this project turns into a blueprint for entering different cities in LATAM.
Find out more on our website:
Our Youtube Channel or Medium Blog
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Bringing Virtual Reality to hospice patients and children's hospital, need help via /r/bitcoin.

The following post by Ashmai is being replicated because the post has been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/78qep5
The original post's content was as follows:
Hello my friends!
(TLDR at the bottom)
Over the last 5 years I've been working with organizations that support refugees, typically from war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Africa, resettle here in the US-of-A. I'm the guy who picks them up from the airport when they first touch down and bring them and their families to stay at my home while we work through the long process of getting them a new life here in the States. It is has been very rewarding, and I've made lifelong friends with families all over the world and learned a lot about compassion and the human element. Video of a family of 10 from Africa breaking it down in my living room.
About a year ago I wanted to find a more creative way to donate my time. My sister is in the medical field, a hospice nurse, and I am very passionate about Virtual Reality. I've been working with and developing on the side since the DK1 (Oculus early developer kit). Having the hardware on hand its always been fun for me to plug in refugees (from my work with World Relief above) and show them something they have never seen before, watch the amazement in their eyes as I fly them down to their homes on foreign soil, let the kids ride roller coasters (in VR) for the first time, and take them to the bottom of the oceans. It has been wonderful.
My goal is to work with Hospice patients here in Spokane WA, as well as the children's hospital, and bring these experiences to the elderly and young. I'll build a portable VR solution that I can load into my vehicle and travel to the patients home (if they are on hospice) or room to room at a hospital for children. I've been stashing away a couple hundred dollars a month working towards this goal, as well as starting my caregiver training (required before I can visit patients, luckily my sister walks me through all this!). However, at this rate, I won't be able to bring this work into reality for years.
And here is where YOU come in! I'm looking to raise roughly 0.63BTC (or about $3,500). This would cover the materials I need to build the portable transportation unit for the VR setup, the VR system (Oculus, as now I use Vive but it isn't as portable), and the hardware needed to power the beast.
Originally I started by reaching out to larger corporations (Most said, including Wells Fargo, they wouldn't support me because I don't have a non-profit tax ID.) Other than volunteer work and VR, my other passion is bitcoin, so I thought what better way to combine them to fund this beast.
Reading over the rules, I can't link directly to a bitcoin address, although I use a Nano S w/ segwit address to accept coins. If you are able to spare a few fractions of a coin, shoot me a PM and I can provide my address.
Once I get this going I plan on recording my visits with patients when appropriate, and post the results of your donations :)
About me: Just a 37 year old IT engineer working for "the man", trying to give back a little. Got sick of hearing people "praying for change" and decided years ago to try and do some actual real work.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
TLDR: Raising bitcoin for a project to bring virtual reality to elderly hospice patients and children in the hospital. PM me for my bitcoin address, as I don't think I can post it here because of the rules. Looking for roughly 0.63BTC.
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10-25 22:03 - 'Bringing Virtual Reality to hospice patients and children's hospital, need help via /r/bitcoin.' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Ashmai removed from /r/Bitcoin within 98-108min

Hello my friends!
(TLDR at the bottom)
Over the last 5 years I've been working with organizations that support refugees, typically from war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Africa, resettle here in the US-of-A. I'm the guy who picks them up from the airport when they first touch down and bring them and their families to stay at my home while we work through the long process of getting them a new life here in the States. It is has been very rewarding, and I've made lifelong friends with families all over the world and learned a lot about compassion and the human element. [Video of a family of 10 from Africa breaking it down in my living room.]1
About a year ago I wanted to find a more creative way to donate my time. My sister is in the medical field, a hospice nurse, and I am very passionate about Virtual Reality. I've been working with and developing on the side since the DK1 (Oculus early developer kit). Having the hardware on hand its always been fun for me to plug in refugees (from my work with World Relief above) and show them something they have never seen before, watch the amazement in their eyes as I fly them down to their homes on foreign soil, let the kids ride roller coasters (in VR) for the first time, and take them to the bottom of the oceans. It has been wonderful.
My goal is to work with Hospice patients here in Spokane WA, as well as the children's hospital, and bring these experiences to the elderly and young. I'll build a portable VR solution that I can load into my vehicle and travel to the patients home (if they are on hospice) or room to room at a hospital for children. I've been stashing away a couple hundred dollars a month working towards this goal, as well as starting my [caregiver training]2 (required before I can visit patients, luckily my sister walks me through all this!). However, at this rate, I won't be able to bring this work into reality for years.
And here is where YOU come in! I'm looking to raise roughly 0.63BTC (or about $3,500). This would cover the materials I need to build the portable transportation unit for the VR setup, the VR system (Oculus, as now I use Vive but it isn't as portable), and the hardware needed to power the beast.
Originally I started by reaching out to larger corporations (Most said, including Wells Fargo, they wouldn't support me because I don't have a non-profit tax ID.) Other than volunteer work and VR, my other passion is bitcoin, so I thought what better way to combine them to fund this beast.
Reading over the rules, I can't link directly to a bitcoin address, although I use a Nano S w/ segwit address to accept coins. If you are able to spare a few fractions of a coin, shoot me a PM and I can provide my address.
Once I get this going I plan on recording my visits with patients when appropriate, and post the results of your donations :)
About me: Just a 37 year old IT engineer working for "the man", trying to give back a little. Got sick of hearing people "praying for change" and decided years ago to try and do some actual real work.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
TLDR: Raising bitcoin for a project to bring virtual reality to elderly hospice patients and children in the hospital. PM me for my bitcoin address, as I don't think I can post it here because of the rules. Looking for roughly 0.63BTC.
Bringing Virtual Reality to hospice patients and children's hospital, need help via /bitcoin.
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Author: Ashmai
1: 2:
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Songs of Love is first national 501(c)(3) children's charity to accept Bitcoins!

The Songs of Love Foundation is proud to announce that it is now accepting Bitcoin donations to bring smiles to children and teens battling serious illness and lifetime disabilities. Visit
About Songs of Love:
The Songs of Love Foundation is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that creates uplifting, personalized songs for children and teens struggling with a life-threatening illness or lifetime disability--free of charge. Each CD is professionally produced with lyrics containing the child's name and references to all of his or her favorite activities, things, people, and pets. Songs are written and performed in the musical style that the child likes best (pop, r&b, rap, rock, alternative, etc.), by a variety of talented professionals. The organization is named after a song called "Songs of Love" that Julio Beltzer (Songs of Love founder John Beltzer's twin brother) wrote just 2 months before he died on April 12, 1984.
As each child is unique, so is every “song of love” composition. Since 1996 the Songs of Love Foundation has reached out to nearly 24,000 children in over 500 hospitals and health care facilities in all 50 states. The songs have often been played to alleviate pain and trauma during painful and scary hospital treatments. The song recipients have played their "songs of love" in all kinds of situations and settings such as car trips to the hospital, show and tell at school, for family and friends in person or on the phone, and even for the doctors and nurses. The children have their "songs of love" always available to them whenever they are feeling down. To hear many the many "songs of love" that children have already received click on our jukebox found on our home page at The Songs of Love Foundation has been featured on the Today Show, 60 Minutes, NBC Nightly News, CNN, Dateline and People, Parade and American Profile Magazines. Performers such as Ben Taylor, Jason Mraz, Michael Bolton, Billy Joel , David Lee Roth and Ronnie Spector have all contributed their voices on a "Song of Love" for an individual sick child. The cost to run the entire organization, including hospital outreach, song production, operational expenses, etc., has averaged $250 per song per child, making Songs of Love one of the most cost-effective charities in relation to the one-of-a-kind everlasting therapeutic product that it produces. Sponsoring a "song of love" for a sick child is a wise social investment that keeps paying dividends in the form of repeated smiles whenever an ailing child hears his or her very own "song of love". Songs of Love has received the "Best in America" Independent Charities of America Seal which is only given to one percent of charities across America.
A donation of 2 Bitcoins will sponsor a "song of love" for a sick child and you get a CD copy of the "song of love" that you sponsored with your name on the CD booklet. However, any amount is appreciated. To donate Bitcoins please visit
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In the absence of accepting Bitcoins for my wifes charity trek...

My wife patiently listens to all the technological mutterings that I come out with, and was particularly enamoured by the Bitcoin tipping philosophy. Next year, she's hiking in Peru to raise money for a local Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity and she wished out loud that Justgiving would accept Bitcoin donations.
I made the next best thing for her, and set up a website for her that can accept donations instead. I hope it works :-)
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[Table] IAmA: Alright you perverts! I'm that dude with three testicles...ask me anything!

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Date: 2014-03-25
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Do you have a nickname for the almighty tri-sack? The trinity? Three musketeers? Threes -a-company? The trinity is my favourite so far..
Trifecticles? The Three Nutskateers? Ballverly Hills Cop lll? Never mind that last one. You're The Juggernutt, bitch! Hahah awesome!
Do you know doubledickdude? WAIT Are YOU also doubledickdude? Nope and nope. Sorry!
Would you rather have 2 dicks or are 3 testicles better? Testciles.
Have you ever considered naming them Alvin, Simon, and Theodore? Which one would be Alvin? Alvin is the right one, theo the left, simon the middle.
Wait.. Your right or my right? My right.
Your your right or my your right? Always mine.
Why did you want to show your genitals onto a random forum like reddit? You said in your first post "Finally I turned 18" or something like this. Which showed a general excitement. Was you excited to show your private parts out? I know it's funny, but were you in general excited? Ahaha I just know reddit would go crazy over my balls!
TFW I know people love my balls and want to know more about them. Haha darnit!
Relief that people know - Regret for posting pictures at all - Wishing you'd posted more - Shame that you took dong photos with a dirty mirror. Im kinda neutral on the fact that thousands of people have seen my balls, and no shame!
Any issues with running? Also, and most important, when it's hot out do all 3 stick to your legs or just two leaving the 3rd hanging like a little meatball pendulum? All three. Two to the left, one to the right.
Although for you, they're actually called 3UNDR. Hahaha.
How many people know about this? Close friends? Relatives? Siblings? What were their reactions? Initial reactions from sexual partners? Literally three people. Doctor, mom, dad.
Thanks for the reply, follow up. Have you ever had a hormone test done to see if you produce more testosterone than the average joe? No I havent but as you probably noticed I am not very hairy ahah.
Are you type A (all three testicles fully functional, connected to a vas deferencs) or type B (no connection to vas deferens)? What's a typical reaction from a partner? from doctors or nurses? I wanna say type B, but I'm not really sure. I've had the same doctor forever, and he's known for a long time, so there isnt much a reaction. No friends or partners even know.
Thanks for replying - I didn't know it was possible. Now I'm going to wonder if a partner who's touchy about his balls is actually very sensitive or maybe hoping I won't notice something. J/k. Sort of. Haha yeah I know. I guess ill just rock it and see what happens.
I would think the reaction would be similar to what you see here - curiosity, a few questions, I can't imagine it'd be negative. Yeah I hope so. *girl throws up.
So, have you not had any sexual experiences before? Or did they just not notice? Ive dabbled. Nobody has noticed. It wasnt that intense.
WAIT WAIT WAIT. I have to old are you? (Not that everybody needs to lose their virginity before 18, but um, I need to know I just looked at legal balls if I was gonna look at balls at all this afternoon) Haha yes I am 18. March 15 birthday.
Does the term "balling" have a different meaning to you? Whenever I hear someone say it I turn my head to see if that person was talking to me.
Do you have a ball-related nickname? Not yet but reddit has given me tons.
Why? Do people who know you generally know about this? And is that something preordered say, referencing your condition? Nope.
Do you have a favorite? Right one is the most normal.
What about poor old lefty? Eh he gets by.
With a little help from his friends? Yup.
Have you ever wished you had a different number of testicles? I mean, 2 has gotten pretty stale for me. Do you ever dream of like, 4.5 testicles? Or even 4.6? Im thinking right now and although this is interesting 2 would be prime.
Has a girl ever put all three in her mouth?! Unfortnately not yet;-)
Have you thought about doing porn? Yes but no.
3 balls is a rarity. Rarity = more money. Oh ya and secks and stuff. Haha u bet.
If you give them a squeese, which one hurts the most? The leftest one. It's the weirdest.
Are you like, the bravest guy in the world? Not sure I did anything that astounding?
But now whenever someone says to you, "wow you've got balls", you can be like, "yes. three of them, to be exact." Yuup.
How do you not get testicular torsion? I careful.
Do you battle fear of rejection or teasing while dating? Have you tried/thought of getting one removed? Is that even a possibility? (Questions of the female mind) Ive thought of getting one removed, sometimes I think of fear and rejection but then realise I could probably play it right. I'm sure it is a possibility.
Unless there is a medical reason, I don't think you need to remove any to feel better about yourself. It's not a big deal, honestly, more like novelty. And if my boyfriend had three balls, all my girlfriends would know, because I would brag. Yeah I probably wont to be honest...but knowing its an option...
Have you ever compared how much you ejaculate to another man? Would you say less or more? Nope I have not.
Maybe even less.
Three is my lucky number. Did that factor into your ball count? Yes.
Pretty Ballsy to post this if you ask me. sorry had to Question: how do partners generally react? Haha none have found out. I'm not gonna go say I've been with many though...because I haven't.
I feel like it would be hilarious if you never tell a future GF or wife and just see how long it takes, imagine their reaction if they don't notice for like 3 years. would be a cool experiment.
Did [this] (Link to joke go over your head when you first saw it, or did you always know that you had one more scrote than what's considered "normal"? Hahah ive known since people started making nut jokes!
Yo got balls. Anyways, are there any positives/negatives you have with having the..yanno... three musketeers? Negative, they take up a bit more room and would be awkward to explain. Positive...I can say I have three balls?!
I don't see how you could give an honest answer since you don't know how much friction 2 balls cause. Exactly what the problem is with most questions.
Is the bounciness a problem when you go for a jog? Also have you ever worn spandex at the beach? The bounciness isnt really an issue with the right underwear and I can't say i've ever worn spandex at the beach...
Newton's Cradle? Link to Hahah yes!
Which one do you think is worse? Having 3 balls or 1 ball? 3 prally.
Have you ever been Eddie Torres for halloween? Nope but I might this year? I'm not too old yet!
Wait a second... I just looked at your balls. How fucking old are you? Just 18.
Obviously your parents and probably close family are aware. Is it solid joke material within the family circle? You don't seem to be sensitive to the issue. My parents know but they have never joked about it.
How bad does it hurt to get kicked in the balls? Pretty bad just like anybody.
Do they affect your confidence with girls at all? It doesn't look like they'd even notice it truthfully. No it hasnt. Im just scared if maybe one did find out...
Do you like that you have 3 testicles or is it a bit of a problem to you ? Id rather just have 2 tbh.
Don't say that! You've been blessed! Hahaha.
Are they all the same size and function the same? And if so, do they require any extra "attention?" The rightest is a bit bigger. They dont require extra attention.
Care to elaborate on your decision? I mean.. 30 of them?? The more the merrier.
Would you mind donating the extra to James LaBrie or Roger Hodgson? For $20 000.
I don't think you know what "donate" means. I guess I oberlooked that.
Holy shit you're also Canadian. Somehow I see this as our new secret super weapon. Other than being more masculine than every other man by default, what other super powers do you have? Can you control your erection like Brock Sampson? I can punch people with my boner.
Has any classy lady had the pleasure of fitting all three in her mouth? Nope nobody has had the pleasure...
Is this literally your most asked question? I've seen it at least three times myself! :P Most asked is "how big are your loads"
Can you knock the paint off walls with your mighty orgasms? Its like a pressure washer.
I only have one. Can you hook me up? Im putting it on silk road for 100 bitcoin.
How do you feel about women with 3 boobs? Have you met one? Do they feel the same about you? Are you sad you don't have 3 Are my questions getting to weird for you? How bout now?..OK I'm done. Hahahaha.
What is the weirdes reaction that someone have given you when they found out? Unfortunately I don't have any of these stories...
Psh. Man it's Reddit... Just lie! I did show my friends the post so they have all secretly seen my balls now though!
What did they say? They all just laughed!
It is going to blow their mind when they find out it was your ball sack you showed them. . . I aint telling them.
Do you get 1.5 times the amount of satisfaction i get when i unstuck my balls from my thigh? Yes but it comes with 50% more discomfort...
At this point in the AMA I have to ask... How many creepy weird messages have you received regarding your tri-nuts? About 20PMs from dudes asking to put my balls in their mouths...and another 30PMs from girls just saying normal stuff about them. The guys have been way creepier.
How is there enough oomph in there for another one? Mine hang n shit, but there ain't room for a third. Guess I was born like that.
Have you named them yet? If not, are you open to suggestions? My fav: The Three Nuteteers. Thats definetly going in the hat.
So what's the big deal? Why can't you just surgically remove one? Should be simple as hell. I could and I might.
Do you think getting hit in the balls would hurt more or less without a third testical? It probably hurts more. I'm not sure if they all work. I would think at least one does.
What's your favorite color? That tint of purple you get in the veins when you bundle your balls.
So when someone says "Grow a pair" what do you do? Whip out my balls and say "I tried but failed"
Do you feel that having an extra ball makes up for being circumcised? I dont mind being circumsized.
In fairness, this would likely work at college bars pretty easily. It's kind of like a woman saying she has pierced nipples. there's only one way to be sure. And while they're looking with their eyes... Anyone else think this would make a great pickup line in the sleazier dives for this reason? That seems to be the concensus.
What's the sound of three balls slapping? Clack...delay...clack...echo.
Wow. They cut off your foreskin, but left you three testicles. You're lucky that they hadn't descended. You know those sick fucks would have wanted to take it from you. Does it hurt 50% more when you get kicked in the balls? Theres just a higher chance ill bebhit.
Is this your theme song? So far...yes.
How do you like your coffee? I hate coffee.
Good point. Do you have to get special ones? No just bigger.
Have you seen this? (Shameless x-ppost into comments). Link to Yes I have. I was flattered!
How the hell do you fuck!? excuse my brash manners, but seriously, does it hurt to even masturbate? Its not painful.
I Had cancer and lost a testicle. Can you spare one of yours? For a hefty sum!
I don't recommend getting surgery on your junk. I didn't enjoy it. Enjoy your three balls good sir. Haha okay:)
How tall are you? Head hair color? 6 feet blond/brown.
Does getting kicked in the balls hurt more than you'd expect it normally would? Theres a larger surface area to be hit!
Homo Eroticus? (great movie) Hahahaha.
Do you have extra testosterone?? or extra spermy loads? Nope and nope.
Would you say you have a high sex drive? Maybe?
Which ball do you consider to be the extra? Left, righty, or center...y? Yeah I dont really know. Id say left.
Do your parents know (maybe from when you were a baby?). Yuup.
Hope this isn't too personal but are your loads bigger than normal? Nope.
Rob Ford 4 Mayo. Yeahhh.
I bet if you auctioned the third one Lance Armstrong would pay big. I know. Id maybe go for $20 000.
Reminds me of an old joke. A guy has three balls and wants to make some money. So he goes into a bar and bet a guy that between them they have five balls. So they go into the bathroom and the other guy drops his pants and says, here's mine, lets see your four. Hahaha.
Extra large athletic protectors required. Definetly.
There are literally dozens of us! An army to be awoken!
Curious if you've had a sperm count test to see if all the plumbing works. (Might be worth doing at some point before the possibility of marriage rears its fertile head.) And, of course, there's that Monty Python sketch... I'm yet to have any testing done. I'm starting to think it would be a good idea though!
The good part is his deep manly voice. The bad part is he needs a beach towel for a spuge rag. Hahaha.
Will you draw faces on them and post it to /WTF :D. Hahahah.
I will respect you when you get three chicks to suck each nut at the same time. Apparently I'm yet to get your respect:(
Would you rather fight 3 Horse sized Human testicals. Or. 30 Human sized horse testicals. The second one.
Just got caught looking at your ball sack on the train.. Ahahhahah. At least they are nice balls.
I see you're freshly shaved and ready for the photoshoot. I am indeed.
Hey some asshole on a radio station i was listening to at work brought you up and just started yamming on about reddit and how you have 3 was actually kind of upsetting some stuff he was saying. thought you should know. sorry for the bad news. Hey I heard about some radio shows talking about me? I actually want to hear the kind of stuff he said please! I dont care if it was mean. Tell me!
So when you cum is it just like opening the floodgates of semen or just normal. I wish but im pretty sure its normal.
Nice AMA, you've sure got a set of balls to put a dick and balls pictures online. Haha I guess I do.
My ex-father-in-law boasted of having three balls as well, I never accepted his offer to see them. Clearly he was proud of them and had no need to be embarrassed! Haha thats awesome!
Last updated: 2014-03-30 00:42 UTC
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SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 — Paxful, a global peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace, announced today that it has broken ground on the fourth in its 100-school initiative aimed at building quality education centers in emerging countries. The fourth school, located in Nigeria, will come fully equipped with a state-of-the-art solar-powered and water well system, and in response to […] By spring 2019, the organization expanded beyond its social media accounts and began promoting Bitcoin donations on three of its official websites. One of those websites had been in operation since 2006 and previously hosted more than 20,000 English-language articles on Hamas and al-Qassam. However, last year all of those articles were taken down and replaced by a single Bitcoin donation page ... Paxful - buy bitcoin instantly paypal login.? Paxful - buy bitcoin instantly paypal login: 1: 19%: Nasdaq research: 2: 12%: Us coins price guide: 3: 15%: X 1 2 derivative: 4: 10%: Crypto bull run predictions shoes brand : 5: 14%: How to start a blockchain: 6: 15%: Last comments: User #50737 Posted at 2019-10-08 13:36:13: Salvage the inside overthrow thru bobs, fireworks, silly brawler scrips ... Stellar makes it possible to create, send, and trade digital representations of all forms of money: dollars, pesos, bitcoin, pretty much anything. It’s designed so all the world’s financial systems can work together on a single network. Learn more. Stellar makes money better. Stellar's API and SDKs are ready to help you transform the world of finance, and the network’s currency ... I will collect donations to a single bitcoin address, posted below, with the following rules: Donations accepted until the end of March. At the end of March, donations will be converted to USD and delivered to Dorian Nakamoto. If the donation is rejected by Dorian, then the funds will go to a charity of his choice If he doesn’t want to choose a charity, funds will be donated to the ...

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Bitcoin Farm com Free 20000 Satoshi every minute Bitcoin Cloud Mining free bitcoin

With the recent rise in Bitcoin price we decided to show newbies (noobs) the various ways to buy Bitcoin! This may be basic to our subscribers but share with people who want more information on ... Tip Jar: 18pYzN97CxB8qfUwoBbAFYvD3rGs9rjbH3 Accepting bitcoins is easy and only takes a few seconds. Feel free to post any questions or doubts in the comment... All donations accepted here are from the Bitcoin Cash community. Bitcoin Cash allows anyone in the world to send any amount of money to anyone else for less than a penny. We collect Bitcoin Cash ... A candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly is challenging a state regulator by accepting donations in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ( BTC ). Phil Anderson,... free bitcoin donations, free bitcoin dice script, free bitcoin download, free bitcoin deposit, free bitcoin doubler script, free bitcoin earn bangla, free bitcoin earn bangla tutorial, free ...